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Join us and help to change the way we farm!

We’re getting things moving when it comes to changing the way we farm – opposing a policy on agriculture which has lost sight of the common good, Aktion Agrar is fighting instead for a sustainable, social, traditional type of farming that has prospects for the future. Whether it’s difficulties in land access, the problematic concentration of seeds or catastrophic milk prices – we’re talking about the problem.

Changing the way we farm can only succeed if it’s a joint effort. This is why, together with farmers and consumers, we’re initiating a change in the way we farm, by campaigning creatively, using thorough research, information gathering and marked protest. We network, take an active part in discussions with politicians, representatives of civil society and farmers to disseminate alternatives to the current system.

What is our vision?

Our goal is to change the way we farm in favour of sustainable, socially and environmentally compatible traditional farming methods. Given the resistance of those who advocate industrial agriculture, we can only bring about this change through a joint effort, if farmers and urban and rural consumers reject a policy which accepts more industrial-scale livestock units, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and monocultures at the expense of the disappearance of farms.

By means of creative campaigns, Aktion Agrar is intervening in agricultural policy, and calling for the basic statutory conditions which promote a change in agriculture. We are challenging the meat giants and agriculture corporations like Bayer und Wiesenhof. In addition, we suggest what each one of us can do, since it’s (not only) about food that we make decisions every day. This is how we’re supporting the growing movement for change in the way we farm. Our vision is a traditional type of farming which produces healthy, GMO-free, animal-friendly and environmentally-friendly food. The principles of ecological farming are valuable guidelines for changing our farming methods. Fair prices for the producers of good products must be just as much of an aim as strengthening alternatives to the international market, such as direct marketing for example or farming solidarity.

What are our core concerns and campaigns?

To achieve this vision, we demand the implementation of the following points:


It is through our campaigns that we are able to work actively with others to create a different type of farming. They lie at the heart of our involvement. Each year we highlight one issue specifically, indicating what the problems are and what must change in order to bring about a change in farming. For example, we ask ourselves why is it so hard for young farmers to access land. Why is using a lot of pesticides a problem? And who actually decides what seeds are sown on the fields?

We take a look, analyse, network with people who are already successfully developing alternatives and, by protesting creatively, put these issues on parliamentary agendas.

 Go here for more detailed information on our current campaign:

Stop animal feed imports!

Many millions of tons of soy are shipped around the globe year after year. They contribute to the destruction of rainforests, species extinction, and the displacement of people in South America. With our campaign, we inform and oppose this destructive practice.

How are we funded?

The not-for-profit organisation Aktion Agrar – Landwende jetzt e.V. (Aktion Agrar – Change the Countryside Now, registered association) is mainly funded from three sources:

  • Regular donations from our members
  • Donations with/without a specific purpose
  • Subsidies and grants from associations and authorities

Aktion Agrar relies on donations to fund its long-term commitment to changing the way we do agriculture– both its individual campaigns and activities, and its ongoing work through its sponsor members. Our aim is to obtain enough donations and sponsors to fund our work.

Who are we?

These are the people behind Aktion Agrar. In addition, we regularly receive support from volunteers from the German Voluntary Service, trainees, and students on work experience.

Sabine Klug

Environmental Psychologist, has investigated the relationships of people living in towns and cities to agriculture, and also works part-time as a market seller for an eco-business

Jutta Sundermann

Beekeeper, co-founder of Attac in Germany, experienced in campaigning against genetic engineering, biopiracy and food speculation as well as banks and corporate taxation

Michael Krack

Researcher into peace and conflict, specialising in sustainable development and involved in the movement for environmental justice. Has co-founded a Solawi (a community-supported agricultural organisation) and also works as a fruit tree pruner

Leonie Steinherr

Studied ecological agriculture in Eberswalde, Germany, is a research assistant, an expert in fruit trees and has wide-ranging practical experience in farming

Lucia Müller

Studied agri-environmental policy and is a trained farmer. Grew up on a farm, which she continues to support

Carolin Wilken-Fricke

Introduction follows soon

RonjA Dietschmann

Studied environmental scientist and human ecologist